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Homemade Music



"Homemade Music" is a program Bob has taught for many years, helping students of all ages to learn some of the fundamentals of music, build instruments of their own, and even play them in a performance setting.  Read more at http://www.bobzentz.com/programs.htm

This CD is a combination of songs from that program as well as some favorites from Jeanne's repertoire. Together, we have created something for your family from ours.

Each song has a purpose, introducing a new musical instrument or concept. The accompanying guidebook (to come in 2010!) will help you sing and play along with us!

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1. Homemade Music demo   lyrics   7. Lining Bar Song demo   lyrics
2. Row, Row, Row Your Boat/Rose, Rose demo   lyrics   8. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star demo   lyrics
3. Skip To My Lou demo   lyrics   9. Hot Cross Buns demo   lyrics
4. Old MacDonald demo   lyrics   10. Turkey In The Straw demo   lyrics
5. There Ain't No Bugs On Me demo   lyrics   11. Mama Don't 'Low demo   lyrics
6. Vibrations demo   lyrics   12. Homemade Music (reprise) demo   lyrics

Thanks to our musical family and friends for supporting us in this project:  Bryan, Skye, Joe, Meg, Alex and Nora, our beautiful children and grandchild;  Todd Washburn at Washburn Mastering, Norfolk VA;  Pete Harrison and Melissa Hague at PHPro Music, Escondido CA;  Marilyn Johns for coordinating the children's chorus;  and Bryan Zentz for design.

1. Homemade Music (5:20) (Music and lyrics 1997, 2009 Bob Zentz)
My Grandpa Charlie played homemade music, and taught me how. This song introduces many of the instruments you'll meet on the CD and learn to love as much as we have.

2. Row Your Boat/Rose Rose (2:52) (Traditional)
One of the first instruments we learn to use is our voice, and round-singing is an easy way to begin singing harmonies. Here are two favorites from our childhoods.

3. Skip To My Lou (4:22) (Traditional)
The "sit-down square dance" is perfect when space is limited. This song lets you make music with your hands, feet, fingers and anything else you've got!

4. Old MacDonald (3:34) (Traditional)
The first instruments that most children play are percussion instruments. This song has a great beat and a call-back chorus that can't be beat!

5. There Ain't No Bugs (4:18) (Traditional; additional lyrics 2009 Bob Zentz)
If you can doo-doo-doo, you can play the kazoo. Play along, and see how many "buggy" sounds you can make!

6. Vibrations (5:00) (Music and lyrics 1997, 2009 Bob Zentz)
If you've ever wondered, what makes a sound? This song will give you the answer.

7. Lining Bar Song (4:07) (Traditional; additional lyrics 2009 Bob Zentz)
In the lining-out style of early American singing, just repeat each line as the leader sings it. A pair of spoons provides the perfect accompaniment!

8. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (3:15) (Traditional)
Everyone's favorite lullaby is also everyone's favorite first harmonica song!

9. Hot Cross Buns (2:48) (Traditional)
The universal first song for the recorder, interpreted in a new and unusual way!

10. Turkey In The Straw (3:28) (Traditional)
The world's first reed instrument after the blade of grass is called by many names around the world, but in America we usually call it the "jaw harp." Whatever you call it, its irresistible sound will draw you near!

11. Mama Don't 'Low (5:42) (Traditional; additional lyrics 2009 Bob Zentz)
Who says Mama don't allow no homemade music in here? We do!

12. Homemade Music-reprise (2:34) (Music and lyrics 1997, 2009 Bob Zentz)
One more time, before we go.

Bob Zentz: vocals (1-12), guitar (1, 9), concertina (2, 11), melodeon (2), banjo (3, 11), harmonica (1, 3, 8, 11), cittern (4), bodhran (4), taropatch (5, 8, 9,11, 12), jaw harp (2, 4-5, 9, 10, 11), kazoo (5), autoharp (6), spoons (7, 10)
Jeanne McDougall: vocals (1-5, 7-12), mountain dulcimer (1, 3), guitar (2, 8), recorder (2, 9, 11, 12), kazoo (5), percussion (7, 10, 11), spoons (12), harmonica (12)
Pete Harrison: bass (1, 3, 5-6, 8-9, 11-12)
Patric Petrie: fiddle (3, 5, 12)
Children's chorus: Shannon C. Crowley, Ginger L. Johns, Madelyn G. Nowlan, and Jentry Morgan Whitehurst. Special thanks to Madelyn, Nana D. and Granpa Ken on Track 2.

Production and Mastering: Washburn Mastering, Norfolk VA, and PHPro Music, Escondido California.

CD Design: Bryan Zentz, Portland OR



Copyright 2018, Bob Zentz