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Weekend Rambles -- Maine




July 26-28, 2019

Georgetown Island, Maine



Beginning Uke (Bob Zentz, session 2): Take the first steps in playing the world’s friendliest chordophone! Bring your own “C” uke or reserve a loaner from Bob.

Citterns and More (Nick Apollonio, session 3): A maker of songs, tunes, and the instruments that play them, Nick takes you through the tuning of his signature creation, the bell cittern, and into the nuances of fiddle composition, Celtic tunes and songs, and ballads.

Drawing for the Creatively Frustrated (Kat Logan, session 1): So you think you can’t draw??! Come to this class and just SEE! Seeing is the key to drawing and in this crazy, mind-blowing and hopefully fun time you will find out that you truly can draw! All materials provided, and Kat will be available in the afternoon free time if you wish to continue!

Finding Your Voice (Kat Logan, session 3): Where did you lose it? :) Seriously? There is sometimes a little searching that needs to go on to find it again but everyone can sing!!! Kat teaches you about the way the body works to allow the sound to come out, give the brain a little positive reinforcement so it will support the body and invite your spirit to find the joy of singing ... and then we will sing and sing!!

Improv and Creative Expression /Theater Games (Serenity Fisher, session 5): Serenity is a playwright whose work has been “pick-of-the-fringe” at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival! This class on expression will help you get your creative voice out into the open!

Introduction to Watercolor Painting (Kat Logan, session 4): Come and explore the excitement, surprise, and delight of color in watercolor painting. Kat will show you techniques of how to use the medium, and give you a chance to find your creative joy in this beginners session. No experience necessary and all materials are provided.

Keyboard (Serenity Fisher, session 3): Experience the joy of the keyboard with a master teacher/composer who will explore the magic of ebony and ivory and give you tips on improving your technique!

Life on Georgetown Island (Charlie Ipcar & Judy Barrows, session 4): Stories and songs drawn from a lifetime spent on Dahlov Ipcar’s magical Robinhood Farm.

Maine History in Song (Charlie Ipcar, session 2): Join in on a glorious mix of traditional and modern songs composed by Charlie, based on Maine history or current events ... about the little steamboats that serviced the intercoastal waters, the cargo schooners, maritime disasters, island life, the fisheries industry, the timber industry, and working waterfront issues.

The Maine Woods Workshop (Nick Apollonio, session 5): The world of Apollo Stringed Instruments, and more — come see what emerges from Nick’s workshop, and learn from the luthier’s trade.

Mariachi Guitar (Michael Ronstadt, session 5): This class will introduce students to the style, rhythms, and chord progressions to play along with most Mariachi music – along with some of the traditional solo picking material for songs like Cascabel, La Bamba, Guantanamera, La Negra….

Musician Survival Guide (Michael Ronstadt, session 2): Michael performs over 300 shows and more than 50 studio sessions a year, and teaches a studio of 25 private students. Learn about the life of traveling, booking, writing, performing, recording, and maintaining sanity!

The Nautical Poems of Cicely Fox Smith (Bob Zentz & Charlie Ipcar, session 5): Many of the poems of British born Cicely Fox Smith (1882-1954) have now been adapted for singing by musicians all over the world. Bob and Charlie lead this demonstration of the range and power of these vivid descriptions of the life of deep-sea sailors in their own words.

A River of Instruments (Bob Zentz & Nick Apollonio, session 1): A musical “petting zoo” of instruments usual and UN-usual! Come to listen or try them out!

Singing for the Planet (Jeanne Zentz & Judy Barrows, session 2): Come to sing — and learn about writing for the planet! Jeanne and Judy will share songs they’ve found and made, and can help you find your Earth Song Muse!

Songs for a Peaceful Planet ((Bob & Jeanne Zentz, session 4): Bob & Jeanne lead songs to put you in a spiritual frame of mind – come ready to sing and share!

Songs of the Broadside Era (Jeanne Zentz, session 1): Learn the story of the songs that came to us through broadsides, with some special examples that’ll have you singing like it’s 1699!

Songwriting Workshop (Serenity Fisher & Michael Ronstadt, session 1): Serenity and Michael are touring and recording artists performing their own songs throughout the country. Join them in a lively, musical discussion about song craft, lyrics, and form.

Strings/Bowing (Michael Ronstadt, session 3): Whether you play a bowed instrument or just love to hear them, the goal of the class is to play these instruments as an ensemble, with an eye towards some of the modern arrangements and techniques. The class will explore the ways the bowed instrument family is used in traditional and contemporary Americana music.

Song Circles

“Songfinders:" Bob and Jeanne, Michael and Serenity, Charlie, Kat, and Nick lead this session with a sample of the types of music you’ll encounter this weekend — bring a favorite song and help lead the group!

“Singalongs:" Sing along in the tradition of pub songs, chorus songs, and the “Seeger style” of joining in — bring a favorite singalong song to share with the group!

Special Events -- free to Ramblers students, tickets available for general public

Luncheon Program: The Ramblin’ Conrad Story (noon Saturday, July 27, Hall, $25 general public including lunch): He was a picker and a grinner who touched off a folk revival — a story praised by Johnny Cash as “one of the finest works” he’d ever heard “by any artist,” about a character that he admitted, “I was even him for awhile”!

Faculty Concert (7 PM Saturday, July 27, Hall, $15 general public): The Ramblin' Faculty will sing with the folk of the Mid-Coast at this fun-filled concert, open to the public, with everyone encouraged to sing along!

Dahlov Ipcar’s Favorite Songs (2 PM Sunday, July 28, Hall, $15 general public): Join the Ramblin’ Faculty in singing some of the great American songs that inspired generations of images created by the great American artist, Georgetown Island’s own Dahlov Ipcar.

Bonus: ask your favorite faculty member(s) about private lessons, available on Saturday or Sunday afternoon!



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