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A Lifeboat Song

From Horizons

Music © 2007, 2010 Bob Zentz;  lyrics by “A.A.,” 1892

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1.  ‘Tis a stormy night, and the wild winds roar (C-G-C-F)

The waves roll mountains high (C-Am-F-G)

And the Life-boat crew are called to the shore (C-G-C-F)

For a ship on the rocks is nigh (C-G-C)


     Not a moment waver our heroes bold (G-C)

     As their boat they bravely man (C-F-G)

     The fate of a crew in their hands they hold (C-G-C-F)

     And they’ll save them if they can (C-G-C)


          (chorus)  Then gallantly bend to the oars, my lads,  (G-C)

          And pull with all your might;  (F-C-G)

          Though loudly the tempest roar, my lads,  (C-G-C-F)

          There are lives to be saved to-night.  (C-G-C)


2.  Their loved ones watch on the foam-strewn beach,

And pray, with tear-dimmed eyes,

That the gallant lads their goal may reach,

And snatch from the sea its prize.


     Ah!  the ship has struck, the billows leap

     Triumphant o’er the deck;

     In the cruel grasp of the mighty deep

     Lies the battered, storm-tossed wreck.  (chorus)


3.  Though sorely pressed by wind and wave,

The Life-boat men draw nigh

To those they’ve fought so hard to save –

For whom they dared to die.


     Thank Heaven!  their help is not too late,

     And saved are the shipwrecked crew;

     So back, brave hearts, to the loves who wait,

     And watch on the shore for you.  (chorus)


          Then gallantly bend to the oars, my lads,

          And pull with all your might;

          Though loudly the tempest roar, my lads,

          Your duty you’ve done tonight.



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