The Bob Zentz Songbook



Eight Bells

From Closehauled on the Wind of a Dream

Adapted from the poetry of C. Fox Smith (1882-1954)

Music and additional lyrics © 2003, 2007 Bob Zentz



1.  Eight bells chimed from the fo’c’sle (D)

Back to the chime from the poop (G-D)

Tumbled out the port watch, cursin’ (G-D)

An the cock crowed loud from the coop (D-A)


2.  Well, the sea was as bright as a mirror (D)

An the Moon was shiny as steel (G-D)

When Ginger limped aft at midnight (G-D)

For to relieve the wheel (D-A-D)


3.  Well, he spat on his hands as he took it (D)

And the course, which was “full an’ by” (G-D)

And “Happy New Year,” says Ginger (G-D)

“Ah, the same to yourself,” says I (D-A)


4.  “Here’s a bit more meat in your lobscouse (D)

A few more plums in your duff (G-D)

A few less kicks on the halfpence (G-D)

An’ a bit more smooth wi’ the rough (D-A)


5.  “Here’s grub whenever you’re hungry (D)

Grog whenever you’re dry” (G-D)

And “Happy New Year,” says Ginger (G-D)

“The same to yourself,” says I (D-A-D)


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