The Bob Zentz Songbook



Fret and File

From Horizons

Music and lyrics © 1992, 2010 Bob Zentz


Nick, he came from the coast of Maine  (Bb-Eb-Bb)

Back in the good old days  (Bb-Eb)

When we had more time, when the lyrics rhymed  (Eb-Bb)

When we longed for the minstrelís ways  (Bb-F)

And he taught us how to shape the wood  (Bb-Eb-Bb)

The art of luthierie  (Bb-Eb)

How to use the tools that make the tools  (Eb-Bb)

That set the music free  (Bb-F-Bb)


And itís saw and sand, fret and file  (Bb-F-Bb)

Till the wee hours of the dawn  (Bb-Eb)

While the glue dried we played music  (Eb-Bb)

To fill the wood with song  (Bb-F-Bb)


Thereís walnut, spruce and rosewood

Padauk and mahogany

You know, some of itís hard, and some of itís soft

But all of it grows on trees

And weíd sand it down, then we bent it round

And we made it fit the mold

We were building for the music like a miner digs for gold  (chorus)


Well the hours and the weeks passed by

The sawdust really flew

And we learned the patience thatís required

To see the good jobs through

Just as the Earth spins round the sun

The seasons all agree

That every year is another ring

Around the music tree  (chorus)


Well I still recall that final night

When I first heard her sing

Polished up and finished

And I then put on the strings

I picked her up, I tuned her up

As proud as I could be

Time, it is the magic

That sets the music free  (chorus)


And itís saw and sand, fret and file

Till the wee hours of the dawn

While the glue dried we played music



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