The Bob Zentz Songbook



Hey, Dave

From Beaucatcher Farewell

Music and lyrics © 1979 Bob Zentz


(In Bb Ė capo 3)


     Hey, Dave, buddy pal of mine  (C-G-C-G)

     God knows I hope youíre doing fine over there  (G-G/F#-Em-Am-D)

     Say, Dave, just thought Iíd drop a line  (C-D-G-Em)
     And talk about some thoughts, and things we shared  (C-G-D)


Funny how the times have changed, old friend

People fly like leaves on the autumn wind

All the friends and lovers we may never see again

With each ending something new begins


Is it still hard for you to carry the gun

Defend the land that someone says should be free

Cowards ever fight and brave men run, ah Dave,

Sometimes, you know, it seems that way to me  (chorus)


Iíve been thinking about the times we spent together, years ago

Laughiní and a-talkiní all night long

Entertaining people that we never got to know

We found life in a bottle and a song


Now here I am upon a ship out on this stormy sea

Youíre over there in that grim, war-torn land

Now whoís standiní in the spotlight that once shined on you and me

In this work, friend, you never get a hand  (chorus)


So what happens if and when this mess is done, for you and me

All those dreams of songs and travels yet to come

Where two young men thought that music set folks free

Ideals sink beneath the roar of guns  (chorus)


     Hey, Dave, buddy pal of mine

     Oh, itís been so long since Iíve had a word from you

     Say, Dave, if youíve got the time
     Let me know what youíve been thinkiní, too

     Let me know what youíve been thinkiní, too



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