The Bob Zentz Songbook



Ocean Station Bravo

From Hove-to, and Drifting ...

Music and lyrics © 1999 Bob Zentz



1.  Ocean Station Bravo, North Atlantic Ocean  (Am-Am-Am-Dm)
Somewhere west of Greenland, somewhere far from home  (Dm-Am-Am-Em)
Nothing on the radar, nothing on the sonar  (Am-Am-Am-Dm)
Hove-to and drifting on this ocean all alone  (Dm-Am-Am-Em-Am)

2.  CGC Sebago, high-endurance cutter
Ocean station vessel number 42
Studying the weather, aids to navigation
Plotting ships and aircraft as they come sailing through

3.  In the middle of the ocean, center of the circle
There’s nothing but horizon, wind and sea and sky
This whole world in motion, blowing from the northeast

Not a hint of sunshine, just the gray clouds running by


4.  Then the lookout calls the bridge-watch, objects in the water
Moving surface contacts off the starboard bow
Plot ‘em on the radar, fire up the sonar

Listen for their echoes, can you hear ‘em now?


5.  Well there’s echoes in my headphones, whale sounds on the speakers

Filling all the spaces inside CIC

Songs of loves and travels, songs of generations

Echoes of the ages in cetacean harmony


6.  And me, I had to answer, I sang, I talked, I whistled

Well, I even played the mouthharp through that microphone

And they returned the favor with chirps and clicks and whistles

A sound of celebration not so different from our own


7.  And when the watch was over, it’s out onto the bridge-wing

To view them sounding singers as they sing and sport and play

Just a pod of humpbacks, farewell flukes a-wavin’

A memory worth saving as they travelled on their way

For we’d had a conversation with Leviathan that day


8.  Ocean Station Bravo, North Atlantic Ocean

Somewhere south of Greenland, somewhere far from home

Nothing on the radar, nothing on the sonar

Hove-to and drifting ….



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