The Bob Zentz Songbook



Ol’ Virginia

From Horizons

Music by James Bland, 1878;  lyrics © 2006, 2010 Bob Zentz



     Carry me back to ol’ Virginia  (C-Em-F-C)
     That's where the peanuts, cotton, corn and taters grow (C-Em-F-G7)
     That's where the cardinal sings sweet in the springtime (C-Em-F-C)
     That's where this weary traveler’s heart does long to go (C-Em-F-G7-C)

1. Though years I’ve rambled around this big country (G-C)
From north to south, from the east unto the west (C-Em-F-G7)
No place on earth do I miss more sincerely (C-Em-F-C)
Than ol’ Virginia, the state that I love best (C-Em-F-G7-C)  (chorus)

2.  Fiddle and banjo sing high on the mountains
A gospel tune echoes down the “Crooked Road”
A blues guitar warbles sweet through the Piedmont
Sounds of Virginia, the music I have known  (chorus)

3.  Carry me back to the land of my childhood
Place that shall always be “home sweet home” to me

There let me rest in the shade of the dogwood
Dear ol’ Virginia, from the mountains to the sea  (chorus)


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