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(Ode to the) Schooner "Virginia"

From Horizons

Music and lyrics © 2002, 2010 Bob Zentz



Intro:  D-A-F#m-D-A-E-A


1.  Between Cape Charles and Cape Henry at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay  (A-E-A-D-A)

I spied a sailing vessel, from the dawn of a younger day  (D-E-A-F#m-A-D-E)

Schooner rigged and ridin’ the wind, out where the dolphins play!  (A-E-A-D-E-A)

And her trailboard read "Virginia", but “what’s a schooner, anyway?”  (D-E-A-F#m-A-E-A)


2.  Way back, in old New England, in seventeen-thirteen  (A-E-A-D-A)

A sailing craft, rigged fore and aft, for all the world was seen  (D-E-A-F#m-A-D-E)

“Oh, how-she-scoons!” (someone exclaimed), “she sails so fast and free”  (A-D-E-A)

Sez the builder, Andrew Robinson, “Then, a ‘scoon-er,’ let her be!”  (D-E-A-F#m-A-E-A)


     So here’s to the schooner "Virginia"  (A-E-A)

     May she skip like a stone o’er the waves  (D-A)

     With fair winds and a song, she goes sailin' along  (D-E-A-F#m)

     On the waters of Chesapeake Bay  (A-E-A)


3.  Now, some of ‘em "coasted" cargos, some were privateers, they say    (A-E-A-D-A)

And some, they raced, with pilots, bound for ships at the mouth of the bay  (D-E-A-D-E)
To navigate the sandbars and shoals, for the ports along the shore  (A-E-A-F#m-D-E-A)
Men who knew every channel-marker and buoy from Norfolk to Baltimore  (D-E-A-F#m-A-E-A)  (chorus)

4.  Out on the Elizabeth River, there comes down the ways, once again  (A-E-A-D-A)
A traditional pilot schooner and "Virginia" is her name  (D-E-A-D-E)
Tall ship for the Old Dominion, icon of our maritime past  (A-E-A-D-A)
Filled with lessons to learn, from her stem to her stern, from the keel to the top of her masts  (D-E-A-F#m-D-E-A)

  (chorus)  (line 3:  D-A-F#m)









5.  So here’s to the wood, wind and water, here’s to the builders and crew 
And here’s to "Elizabeth’s Daughter," moored ‘tween the old and the new
And here’s to ya, Schooner "Virginia," closehauled or running free
Navigatin’ the shoals, as the future unfolds, on "fair winds and a following sea"  
  (D-E-A-F#m-A-E-A)  (chorus)



     With fair winds and a song, she goes sailin' along  (D-E-A-F#m)

     The waters of Chesapeake Bay  (A-E-A)



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