The Bob Zentz Songbook



Time To Go Now

From Horizons

Music and lyrics 1974, 2010 Bob Zentz  


1.  Time to go now  (A)
Time to stow your thoughts like autumn leaves we saved  (D-A)
Best I save my singin' for another day  (D-A-E)
And I wonder if it matters anyway ... and why  (D-E-A-D-D/C#-Bm)
We take the road alone  (A)

2.  I sang you songs tonight
Songs Id written from my thoughts so long ago
Moments of my past I wished for you to know
And the feelings and the faces that Ive shown ... to you
Might make you think awhile ....

3.  This ol' guitar and me,
Weve made a friend or two, and we'll make many more
And if you wonder why I'm here, and what it is Im singin' for
If somehow these songs have opened up a door ... for you
The key is yours, my friend

4.  Time to go now
What's that, I thought your eyes said, "could you stay awhile"
Well, I wish I could, but I still have a'many mile to go
But from the distance, I'll look back upon your smile ... and know
I'll pass this way again


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Copyright 2018, Bob Zentz