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Ramblin' at Waterside


with Bob Zentz



Lost in Holland

Hosted by Bob Zentz    -    Special Guest:  Skye Zentz

September 16, 2009

The Listening Room at Dockmaster's inside Waterside

7:00 PM -- Admission free!


Lost In Holland is a duo of two young musicians. Josh Hisle is a lifelong singer/songwriter with several of his songs used commercially and in independent film. It was when Josh met Neil Young at the shooting of “CSNY: DÉJÀ VU” that his career in music began to flourish. After performing at the Sundance Film Festival with Neil Young and Graham Nash, California based Vapor Records released his debut album “Hearts and Minds”. It is then that he met friend and fellow song-writer Michael G. Ronstadt. Michael, a veteran songwriter with his Masters Degree in Cello performance, and certainly no stranger to improvisation, took Hisle’s longtime dream to the next level. They played one evening in his father’s basement, and the rest was history. Mike and Josh began their rise together. Finishing their new album “The Last Great Loss” and hitting the road to support it. They recently returned from Mountain View, California where they performed at the 22nd annual “Bridge School Benefit” with Neil Young. This is most certainly an act to see, hear and feel.

Michael Gilbert Ronstadt is always moving forward at a rapid pace, successfully bridging the gap between
classical and non-classical genres on cello, guitar, and voice through song-writing and composition. From the
Barrow Street Theatre in New York City with Lisa Biales to the 22nd Annual Bridge School Benefit in
Moutain View, California, Ronstadt’s comfort with a wide range of musical styles, including bluegrass,
classical, Andean, acoustic, southwestern folk, mariachi, jazz and rock, have taken him to both ends of the
United States. Michael has given performances throughout Arizona, New Mexico, California, Colorado, S.
Pennsylvania, Ohio, Upstate New York, N. Kentucky, E. Indiana, and Sonora, México. Michael Ronstadt
actively performs and manages the Gypsum Ensemble, the Suono Violin/Cello Duo and is cellist for Josh
Hisle (Lost In Holland). He also performs with Lisa Biales, The Santa Cruz River Band, Amber Norgaard,
and Petie Ronstadt. Already boasting a discography of more than 10 albums, his 2 solo projects Motionless
Swirls (2006) and Cotton Dreams Part I & II (2008), have been met with much praise. Dan Buckley of the
Tucson Citizen says Michael Ronstadt is, “…a performer with an amazing command of the typical and exotic
sounds of the cello, a true virtuoso and a man of instinctive musicality”(Dan Buckley, 2008).

Michael received his Master of Music in Cello Performance in June 2008 at the University of Cincinnati
College-Conservatory of Music (CCM), under the instruction of Yehuda Hanani and his Bachelor of Music
from The University of Arizona under internationally acclaimed cellist Nancy Green. Previous teachers
include renowned pedagogue Gordon Epperson, Nelzimar Neves and William Grubb.

Lost in Holland Official Website:  http://www.myspace.com/lostinholland

Michael G. Ronstadt Official Website:  http://www.michaelronstadt.com/

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