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Ramblin' at Waterside


with Bob Zentz



Bill Troxler

Hosted by Bob Zentz

October 14, 2009

The Listening Room at Dockmaster's inside Waterside

7:00 PM -- Admission free!


From the performing stage to college classrooms and the pages of magazines, Bill Troxlerís long musical career has entertained and educated a vast audience. He is widely regarded as one of the most lyrical players of the hammer dulcimer. But his performances regularly incorporate other instruments including guitar, banjo, hammered mbira, low whistle, bowed dulcimer, low whistle, diddly bow, concertina and various hand percussion instruments. A concert performance by Bill Troxler will routinely present traditional and contemporary music, ballads, a bit of rock-Ďn-roll and always a good dose of humor too. 

Billís magazine articles on playing techniques, arranging skills and music theory have frequently been published in Dulcimer Players News and Mel Bayís ezine Dulcimer Sessions. Newspapers have published his musicology articles on the origins of bluegrass music, barbershop singing, the history of the Broadway musical, the tradition of the troubadour and the origins of military bands. His college lectures included semester long courses on music appreciation and the history of the United States as heard through its music. 

During the early 1990ís he worked with Walt Michael to create the unique, Chautauqua-like program Common Ground on the Hill. He was founding president of Common Ground and continues to serve on its board of directors to implement its founding premise that the traditional arts of all cultures offer pathways toward human understanding, tolerance, fulfillment, and enjoyment. Bill has taught various classes at Common Ground including hammer dulcimer, arranging and how to listen to music. He has also taught at Swanannoa Gathering, Augusta Heritage Center, Upper Potomac Dulcimer Festival and presented workshops to dulcimer clubs. 

Longtayle Studios is Billís recording facility. He creates his own CDs there and produces and engineers the work of other acoustic musicians as well. He is most proud of his success in recruiting a dozen musicians to give their performances to the Chincoteague Island Library as part of a fund raising effort to build an addition to the Library. The result was a CD titled Music To Read By. The musical styles of the twenty-four track CD range across Mozart, new age, bluegrass, Celtic and the blues. The recording made a major contribution to the building fund. The CD has had multiple pressings and continues to provide income to the Library. 

As Concert Coordinator for the Chincoteague Cultural Alliance, Bill is impresario for more than a dozen concerts on Chincoteague Island each year. Performances range from free concerts in the public park to ticketed events held in intimate settings that provide excellent listening experiences. 

Bill is also a Fellow of the Washington Academy of Sciences, a Fellow of the American Society of Engineering Education and book reviewer for the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He retired after twenty-seven years as a college president and now focuses all of his considerable energies on performing, composing and teaching music.

Bill Troxler Official Website:  http://www.billtroxler.com/index.html

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