The Bob Zentz Songbook



Bound For The Rio Grande

From Shipmates (2012)


1.  Now the anchor is weighed and the sails they are set (D- A- D)

     (Away, Rio!) (D-G-D)

     An' the girls that we're leavin', we'll never forget (G-D-A-D)

     (An' we're bound for the Rio Grande) (D-A-D)


     And away, Rio, away, Rio  (D-A-D-G-D)

     (second line of the previous verse) And we're bound for the Rio Grande! (G-D-G-D-A-D)


2.  Now the good ship is heavin' out over the bar

     We've pointed our bow for the Southern-en star

3.  Now say, was you ever in Rio Grande

     Well, it's there that the river flows on golden sand

4.  We're Liverpool born and we're Liverpool bred

     We're thick in the arm and we're thick in the head

5.  So it's goodbye to Sally and goodbye to Sue

     And you who are listenin', well a goodbye to you


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