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Shipmates began life in 2008 as a Westlin Weavers project, with Bob signing on as a seasoned hand to help the crew of Jeanne's San Diego-based band 'round a musical version of the Horn.  But the voyage changed, as often happens, when the winds shifted eastward and the couple was asked to prepare a duo project for the 2010 Internationaal Shantyfest in Workum, Netherlands.  The result is a joyous collection of some of Bob and Jeanne's favorite songs together, reaching back to traditional chanteys, sea songs, and nautical poetry, and forward to a hidden gem from Bob's Coast Guard days and some of Jeanne's contributions to West Coast maritime music.  We hope you have as much fun singing along as we had laying it down!


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1. All Sorts demo lyrics   8. Johnny Come Down To Hilo demo lyrics
2. Bound For The Rio Grande demo lyrics   9. Way Down In North Carolina (Waterbound) demo lyrics
3. Sailing Down To Loma demo lyrics   10. Read By The Sea demo lyrics
4. Hangin' Johnny/Blow Ye Winds demo



  11. Skipper Jan Rebeck demo lyrics
5. Liverpool Judies (Row Bullies Row) demo lyrics   12. The Constant Cannibal Maiden demo lyrics
6. Highborn Lady demo lyrics   13. Monterey Bay demo lyrics
7. Shenandoah Falls demo lyrics 14. Shipmates demo lyrics

Liner Notes:

1. "All Sorts" (1:56, text:  Cicely Fox Smith, 1920;  tune © 2010, 2012, Jeanne McDougall/Bob Zentz) another C. Fox Smith gem, still "ornery" after all these years!
2. "Bound For The Rio Grande" (4:11, trad.) a capstan chantey about the other RG
3. "Sailing Down To Loma" (3:20, © 2008, 2012, Jeanne McDougall) memories from sailing on the world's oldest active sailing ship, the majestic Star of India (visit sdmaritime.org
4. "Hangin' Johnny/Blow Ye Winds" (6:28, trad.) one of Bob's favorite chantey medleys
5. "Liverpool Judies (Row Bullies Row)" (4:55, trad.) the flipside to the legend in CFS's "Two-Rope Girls"
6. "Highborn Lady" (4:10, © 1968, 2012, Bob Zentz) an original from Bob's Coast Guard days
7. "Shenandoah Falls" (3:32, trad.) an earlier name for Harpers Ferry, where the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers meet the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia
8. "Johnny, Come Down To Hilo" (3:11, trad.) combined with the halyard chantey "The Gal With The Blue Dress," both collected by the great Stan Hugill
9. "Way Down In North Carolina (Waterbound)" (4:56, trad.) a "play party" tune from "Ol' Virginia"
10. "Read By The Sea" (3:21, © 2008, 2012, Jeanne McDougall) dedicated to Norfolk's Pretlow Library on the Chesapeake Bay
11. "Skipper Jan Rebeck" (3:21, trad.) trad tune lovingly popularized by Gus Russell
12. "The Constant Cannibal Maiden" (2:51, text:  Wallace Irwin, 1906;  tune © 2010, 2012, Jeanne McDougall/Bob Zentz) Wicked Wallace Irwin, with a twisted take on "consumption" from the days of "dollar diplomacy"
13. "Monterey Bay" (4:57, tune trad., text © 2008, 2012, Jeanne McDougall) new words to the familiar, ancient Scots tune, “Creag Guanach”
14. "Shipmates" (4:20, text:  Cicely Fox Smith, 1914;  tune trad. after "I Know Where I'm Going" as adapted by Charles Ipcar, 2006 [www.charlieipcar.com]) CFS at her most poignant

All arrangements © 2012, Bob Zentz & Jeanne McDougall

Lyrics, chords, and links to more liner notes can be found in the Bob Zentz Songbook at:  www.bobzentz.com/songbook.htm


Bob Zentz: Vocals (1-6, 8-14), Jew's Harp (1, 12), Hurdy-Gurdy (2, 13) Melodeon (2-5, 7, 10-11, 13-14), Concertina (3, 7, 11, 14), Banjola (3), Banjo (4, 9), 12-string Guitar (6), Taropatch (6, 11), Cittern (9), Harmonica (9), Kazoo (11), Spoons (11), Shekere (12, Guiro (12) 

Jeanne McDougall:  Vocals (1-6, 8-11, 13-14), Recorder (1, 3, 5-6, 10, 13), Taropatch (1, 11, 12), Cittern (2, 4-5, 13), Guitar (3, 10, 13-14), Ukulele (7, 12), Mountain Dulcimer (9), Kazoo (11)

Nikos Apollonio:  Cittern (2, 4-5, 13) Visit "Apollo Stringed Instruments" at www.facebook.com

Pete Harrison:  Bass (3, 6-7, 9)

Ken Hicks:  Vocals (1, 5, 8, 11)

Nanne Kalma:  Vocals (9), Mandolin (9)  www.nanne-ankie.nl

Rick Lee:  Piano (1, 11, 12, 14)  http://ricklee.org

Alex & Meg McDougall:  Vocals (3, 8, 13)

Ankie van der Meer:  Vocals (9)  www.nanne-ankie.nl

Kendall Morse:  Vocals (1)

Thanks to our beautiful family for their love and support:  Bryan, Skye, Gabriel, Joe, Meg, Alex, and Nora

Production and Mastering:  Todd Washburn, Washburn Mastering, Norfolk VA  www.washburnmastering.com

Additional tracks:  Pete & Belissa Harrison, PH Pro Music, Escondido CA  www.phpromusic.com

Photography:  Jerry W. Kelley, Hampton Roads VA  www.flickr.com/photos/jwkphoto

Cover art:  "Tars Carousing," George Cruikshank, from Songs, Naval and National, of the late Charles Dibdin, London:  1841, plate between pp. 96-97.  Image courtesy of the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester MA  www.americanantiquarian.org

CD Design:  Bryan Zentz

© 2012, Bob Zentz & Jeanne McDougall



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