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Johnny, Come Down To Hilo

From Shipmates (2012)

Traditional, combined with the lyrics of "The Gal With The Blue Dress"


1. I never seed the like since I bin born, a big buck sailor with his sea boots on, oh

     Johnny, come down to Hi-lo, poor old man!

I love a little gal acrosst the sea, with a blue dress on and she says to me (Johnny, etc.)

     Wake her! (wake her!) Shake her! (shake her!) Wake that gal with the blue dress on oh
     Johnny, come down to Hi-lo Poor old man!

2.  This gal she did look good to me, cos I had been ten months at sea (Johnny, etc.)
Roust her and shake her is the cry, the bloody ol' topmast sheet is dry (Johnny, etc.)  (chorus)

3.  A big wind comes from the west-nor-west, this gal she ain't gonner get no rest (Johnny, etc.)
Shake 'er bullies, oh, helm's a-lee, she'll get washed out wi' a big green sea (Johnny, etc.)  (chorus)

4.  Her oilskins they are all in pawn, it's cold and drafty round Cape Horn (Johnny, etc.)
So roust her up from down below, and haul her away for your Uncle Joe (Johnny, etc.)  (chorus)

5.  This gal, she is a high-born lass, a high-born lass in a flash blue dress (Johnny, etc.)
So roust her up, be quick I say, and make yer port and take yer pay (Johnny, etc.)  (chorus)


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