The Bob Zentz Songbook



Hangin' Johnny

From Shipmates (2012)


1. Oh, they calls me Hangin' Johnny   (D)

     (Away boys, away)   (G-D)

But I never hung nobody (G-D-A-D)

     (So hang, boys, hang)  (D-A-D)


Oh they says I hung me mother

Me sister an' me brother


Oh they says I hung me Granny

That I hung her up so canny


Ah, they says I hang for money

Ah, but hangin' is so funny


Oh, I'd hang a bloomin' friar

An' I'd hang a bloody liar


I'd hang the mate an' skipper

I'd hang 'em by their flippers


A rope, a chair, a ladder

Oh, I'd hang yuz all together


Yes, I'd hang yeez all together

We'll hang for better weather



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