The Bob Zentz Songbook



Blow Ye Winds

From Shipmates (2012)




Tis advertised in Boston, New York and Buffalo  (D)

A hundred brave Americans a-whalin' for to go (G-D-E7-A)


     Blow ye winds in the mornin' and blow ye winds, heigh-ho! (D)

     Clear away yer runnin' gear an' blow, boys, blow!  (G-D-A-D)


They'll send you to New Bedford, that famous whalin' port

An' they give you to some land shark to board and fit ye out  (chorus)


An' once we're off to sea, my lads, them stormy winds do blow

An' half the watch is sick on deck an' the other half below  (chorus)


Now the skipper's on the quarterdeck a-squintin' at the sails

An' up aloft our lookout spies a mighty pod of whales  (chorus)


Then lower away the boats, my lads, and after 'em we'll travel

But if ye gets too near their flukes, they'll kick ye to the devil  (chorus)


An' once the whale is ours, my lads, we'll bring him alongside

An' over with our blubber hooks to rob him of his hide  (chorus)


When we get home, our ship made fast, and we are done this sailin'

A brimmin' glass around' we'll pass an' hang this blubber whalin'  (chorus)



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