The Bob Zentz Songbook



Highborn Lady

From Shipmates (2012)

1968, 2012, Bob Zentz


1. I met you in a seaport town

Where all the ships come in

You were a highborn lady

Whose hand I wished to win

And I was a sailor just home from the seas

And loving you seemed no sin

But I now I sing your songs to the waves

And read your poems to the wind


2.  I sailed the coast of this fair land

Not knowing what I'd find

You were a highborn lady

And prone to change your mind

When I returned our love had fallen

To the conquerors, distance and time

Then the sea was my enemy

And my pen would no longer rhyme


And who's to say that we were fools

Says that we weren't one

Highborn ladies sometimes can bend

All sailors aren't out for the fun

Now I wish that I could forget you somehow

But there's no place here to run

So perhaps I'll find you once again

Someday when this sailing's all done


     (I met you in a seaport town

     Where all the ships come in

     You called me a highborn lady

     My hand was yours to win)


(repeat verse one)


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