The Bob Zentz Songbook



The Constant Cannibal Maiden

From Shipmates (2012)

text: Wallace Irwin, 1906; tune 2010, 2012, Jeanne McDougall / Bob Zentz



1.   Far oh, far is the Mango island,
Far oh, far is the tropical sea --
Palms a-slant and the hills a-smile  
and a Cannibal maiden a-waitin' for me

I've been deceived by a damsel Spanish
and Indian maidens both red and brown
A black-eyed Turk and a blue-eyed Danish
and a Puritan lassie of Salem town.

2. For the Puritan Prue she sets in the offing
A-castin' 'er eyes at a tall Marine,
And the Spanish minx is the wust at scoffing
Of all of the wimming I ever seen.

But the cannibal maid is a simple creetur
With a habit of gazin' over the sea,
A-hopin' in vain for the day I'll meet 'er
And constant and faithful a-yearnin' for me.

3. Me Turkish sweetheart she played me double --
Eloped with the Sultan Harum In-Deed,
And the Danish damsel she made me trouble
When she ups and married an oblong Swede.

But there's truth in the heart of the maid of Mango,
With her cheeks as dark as the kiln-baked cork,
As she sets in the shade of the whingo-whango
A-waitin' for me -- with a knife and fork.



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