The Bob Zentz Songbook



Sailing Down To Loma

From Shipmates (2012)

Words and Music 2008, 2012 Jeanne McDougall

1. Cast the lines off, we're outward bound  (G- C)
On a following tide  (G- D)
Answer to the hor-izon's call  (Em- C)
Shipmates by your side  (G- D- G)

     Sailing down to Lo-ma  (G-D-Em-C)
     Salt and spray in my hair  (G-D)
     Wind and wave are call-ing  (Em-D-C-G)
     Come to take me there  (G-D-G)

2. Leave the city and shore behind
Leave the valleys and trees
Chase the whitecaps and flying clouds
Taste the ocean breeze (chorus)

3. Feel the tethers of land release
Feel the gift of the day
Feel the worries that follow you
Slowly wash away (chorus)

4. Give me breezes to fill my sails
Swells to rock me to sleep
Give me music and memories
All my life to keep (chorus 2x)

     Come and take me there


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