The Bob Zentz Songbook



Skipper Jan Rebeck

From Shipmates (2012)




1.  Now who is the king of the fighting Dutch?

     Skipper Jan Rebeck

     And who do the sailors fear so much?


          And it's jah, jah, leave your hammock

          Jah, jah, hands on deck

          Jah, jah, break your back

          For Skipper Jan Rebeck


2.  And who stole all the tea from China

     And sold it all in North Carolina?


3.  And who can furl a main topsail

     All by himself in a living gale?


4.  And who can drink his weight in beer

     And who takes two baths every year?


5.  And when he got a ship of his own

     Twas brute strength kept him on the throne


(repeat verse one)



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