The Bob Zentz Songbook




From Mirrors And Changes

Music and lyrics © 1974 Bob Zentz


(in Cm Ė capo 3)


1.  Hands in pockets, collar high, beneath the pale, gray autumn sky (Am-Fmaj7-Am-Fmaj7)

You hurry home from work to face the night (Am-Fmaj7-Am)

And on the dampened, silent street, you hear the sound of your own feet (G-F)

And turn away from every face in sight (G-F)


     Were you afraid of faces then, afraid of smiles and frowns, and when

     Folks looked you in the eye, you turned away

     And if it came to talk you stumbled, through a fog of words you fumbled

     Saying things you never meant to say


2.  And in the corner restaurant, the waitress asks you what you want

As behind the menu you can hide

And on the checkered tablecloth, you count your change and then youíre off

Unlock the door and you think youíre safe inside


3.  And turning on the bare bulb light, you watch the roaches run from sight

You think about a girl that you once knew

And from a drawer with cracking paint, you take a picture, aged and faint

But now it seems youíre scared of that face, too  (chorus)


4.  And lying on your bed, it seems that youíve forgotten how to dream

You thank the Lord another day is through

The neon light, the falling rain upon your dirty windowpane

You wonder if lifeís just a joke on you


5.  And in the morning you arise, the sleep is wiped from sleepless eyes

You stand before the mirror for a shave

But now the razor canít erase the smile upon the strangerís face

Who stands before and beckons to the grave


     Are you afraid of faces now, is it too late to wonder how

     You move through every day so all alone

     Now, in your hands your life you hold, and to yourself the truth is told

     The face you fear the most

     Is your own


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