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Mirrors and Changes


Picture of Mirrors and Changes album cover

Mirrors and Changes  is a magnificent collection of Bob's early original songs, well performed and beautifully presented.  Side B features the story of "Ramblin' Conrad," a musician who played an important part in Bob's life, with story and song woven skillfully together as only Bob could tell it.  NOW ON CD!!! 


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1. Mirrors and Changes demo   lyrics   8. The Story of Ramblin' Conrad demo   lyrics
2. Faces demo   lyrics   9. Picker and a Grinner demo   lyrics
3. Time, Friend, Time demo   lyrics   10. The Story of Ramblin' Conrad (cont.) demo   lyrics
4. The Morning After Love demo   lyrics   11. He Was Just Like Some Old Jukebox demo   lyrics
5. This Ol' Earth demo   lyrics 12. The Story of Ramblin' Conrad (cont.) demo   lyrics
6. I Want My Son to be a Country Boy demo   lyrics 13. Veteran's Auction Hall demo   lyrics
7. Someone Else's Songs demo   lyrics


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