The Bob Zentz Songbook



Time, Friend, Time

From Mirrors And Changes

Music and lyrics © 1974 Bob Zentz



1.  Time, friend, time (Amaj7-D)

We laughed when we were young (Amaj7-D)

And dreams were made of growing up (Amaj7-D)

Before our songs were sung (Amaj7-D-Amaj7-Em)


     Before our minds went wandering (Dmaj7-C#m)

     And left a child behind (F#m-D-E)

     We hadn’t much of anything (Amaj7-Em)

     But friend, we had the time, at the time (Amaj7-Em-Amaj7)


2.  Life, friend, life

We raised our glasses high

To drink a toast and sing a song

Never wonder why


     The hours flew so quickly then

     But who were we to mind

     So we all went adventuring

     And never thought of time

     Thought of time


3.  Love, friend, love

Oh, we danced the evening through

And we sang to pretty faces then

For love was something new


     And soon you found your happiness

     And later, I found mine

     We never met too often then

     We never had the time, had the time


4.  Time, friend, time

We sigh and we are old

Our songs, they’re fading echoes now

And our memories are retold


     Soon one of us must say goodbye

     The other close behind

     But old friend, we’d do it all again

     If we just had the time

     Had the time


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