The Bob Zentz Songbook



The Story Of Ramblin' Conrad Pt. II

From Mirrors And Changes

Music and lyrics 1974 Bob Zentz

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And I joined the service and Ben just got stoned,

And Brian found him a wife.

And the months tumbled by and we drifted outside

The circle of old Conrad's life.

But I didn't forget him, the times that he'd known

Were all right there in his songs.

And I knew that the first time I got home,

I'd see how he's gettin' along.


So have you seen him on the boulevard

With his guitar on his back?

Or comin' out of "Mom's and Pop's"

With a cold brew in a sack?

Now he's been on the TV set

And in the newspapers, too,

And you called him "Ramblin' Conrad"

And he sang a song for you.



Now, the folks he lived with, they brought him down,

Made him run to the liquor store.

Then they'd drink and fight till the bottle went dry

And they'd send him back for more.

But he stayed to take care of the old lady there;

She was sick, and he helped to the end.

She was way over eighty ... the rest didn't care ...

And he knew that she needed a friend.



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