The Bob Zentz Songbook



Picker and a Grinner

From Mirrors And Changes and It's About Time

Music and lyrics © 1974, 1992 Bob Zentz



He was a picker, a grinner, a singer and a sinner  (C-G7-C-F)

But he sure could blow the mouth-harp something fine  (C-Dm-G)

He was a tinker, a joker, a near-beer drinker and a Pall Mall smoke  (C-G7-C-F)
But Iím proud to say he was a mighty good friend of mine   (C-G7-C)

     And he could sing all night  (F-G-C)

     Lord, he musta known a million songs  (F-G-C)

     They made you feel alright  (F-G-C)

     ĎTil you knew you had to sing along  (Dm-G)

2.  He was a drunk-tank poet, a back porch preacher, and by now I know it, that he was my teacher

ĎBout life and things and people Iíd never have known

He was a Jimmie Rodgers fan, he was a honky-tonk, gentle man

And since the night I met him I figure that I must have grown  (chorus)


3.  He was no stranger at the police station, why he said he was arrested once for fortification

He said that could mean anything, just being with a woman, thatís all

He was a backstage shaker, a back table snoozer, a G-string breaker and a flat-pick loser

But his name in lights was the best thing he could recall  (chorus)


(repeat verse one)

Yes, Iím proud to say he was a mighty good friend of mine


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