The Bob Zentz Songbook



The Story Of Ramblin' Conrad Pt. III

From Mirrors And Changes

Music and lyrics 1974 Bob Zentz

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So, have you seen him on the boulevard

With his guitar on his back?

Or comin' out of "Mom's and Pop's"

With a cold brew in a sack?

And he's been on the TV set

And in the newspapers, too,

And you called him "Ramblin' Conrad"

And he sang a song for you.


But the "Domino Bar and Grill" was closed

And "Mom's and Pop's" was gone,

And there was boards on the "West Side Laundromat"

Where we first heard his song.

And the house he stayed in had been sold ...

Where he lived so all alone.

And a man in a bar called "Mack and Flo's"

Says, "He's over in the Veterans' Home."




So, the months went by and I just kept callin',

But whenever came to the phone,

And I thought of him there in some hospital room

Without music and still all alone.

And I remembered the man and his songs and his hopes,

And I broke right down and I cried,

For there was an emptiness I hadn't known

Since the night that my grandfather died.



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