The Bob Zentz Songbook



I Want My Son To Be A Country Boy

From Mirrors And Changes

Music and lyrics © 1974 Bob Zentz



1.  Well, I want my son to be a country boy (D-A-D)

With fields and streams and meadows to enjoy (G-A-D)

Where the forestís tall and green, and the air is fresh and clean (G-A-D-G)

And a sunny day can be his favorite toy (D-G-A)

Yeah, I want my son to be a country boy (G-A-D)


2.  Now the city just ainít any place to grow

Well, Iíve lived here all my life, so I should know

In the country, life begins, but the cityís where it ends

So Iíd like to pack my family up and go  (repeat verse one)


3.  Now, a concrete playground ainít no place to play

And the air looks like itís seen a better day

And this city life just seems to give way to country dreams

And I know weíd do quite well to get away  (repeat verse one)


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